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LADIES, this one is for you. Fellas, you can read it too. *lol* 

First I’ll say, this doesn’t apply to everyone because we all have our own point of views when it comes to this topic. Nevertheless, here goes:

SEX, let’s talk about it…well, not exactly sex but, keep reading. *lol*I’ve been thinking about sharing these thoughts for quite a while, I am thankful that time has finally permitted me to do so.  Statistics show that Men think about sex more often than women, I can understand that.  Men are visual creatures, if it’s plump, round, has a little bounce or jiggle to it, or plain and simple, if it catches their attention, 9 times out of 10, Men are going to look in that direction. *lol* And that’s okay.  From what I understand, its in a Man’s nature to constantly be on the “hunt”, for lack of better word.  It’s huMAN nature to want to procreate, not saying that every woman a man sees he wants to bare children with but, I think you get the point. When it comes to procreation, Men are the sower of the seeds and the woman is the fertile ground.

I can honestly say that sex crosses my mind often, but not the way some may think.  I am more interested in the deeper level of sex, “Sexploration”, if you will. I fancy the inner workings of sexual energy and attraction, different types of sex, different relationships and thoughts people have when it comes to sex.  I also think about sexual responsibility, and the consequences which may result in a lack there of, as well as sexual health.  Given that this topic can go on for a lengthy period of time, I’ll attempt to keep this read light and stay on course. :)  The focus of this read are the good ol’ kegel muscles.  Perhaps I’ll dive into those other topics some other time. *lol*

Many women know this but, a friendly reminder doesn’t hurt. Pelvic floor muscle exercises, more commonly known as kegel exercises, consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.  There is an easy way to locate these muscles, the next time you have to urine, stop you urine midstream. The muscles that is allowing that to happen are the kegel muscles. If you aren’t able to fully stop your urine flow, then your muscles may be a wee bit on the weak side.  Fear not, help is on the way!! ;)

Several years ago, I purchased a pair of Ben Wa balls, they were tiny, gold, and didn’t weigh very much (0.9oz). I used them a few times but, I couln’t really tell if they were working. Long story short, I put them in a drawer and continued to do my kegel exercises the natural way.  Last week, while going through some boxes, I came across a small clear case, inside were my handy, dandy kegel balls.  I wouldn’t dare use them now, they’d been idle for so long, lord knows what type of unseen bacteria may have settled. At any rate, I decided to purchase another pair of Ben Wa balls.  After a few minutes of searching, I remembered that Kandi Buruss launched an adult luxury line so I decided to give it a browse.  Moment of truth, I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, judge me, I don’t care. *lol* Back on topic, I absolutely LOVE the “Hold On To Me” kegel balls and I look forward purchasing them!! I’m so excited about it that I have clearly decided to share this information with other women I know. *lol*

It didn’t take long to realize that, it’s about more than strengthening kegel muscles, it is about the relationship we have with our body and our sexuality.  I love being a woman and I believe it is important for us put some thought into how we see ourselves for our self, NOT how we see ourselves for other people.  When I think about the kegel muscles, or the vagina itself, She is strong yet tender just like the woman She is a part of.  She is the canal which ushers life into the world, how beautiful is that! It is important that we take care of Her, it’s bad enough that She gets beat up from time to time by some guy with a stick. *lolol* Totally just kidding.  Seriously, though, it’s important that we remind ourselves about our self.  Strengthening our kegel muscles is just as important as any other muscle on the body.

I encourage every woman to get familiar with her “Flower”, or whatever you call Her, especially women who have had children. The pelvic floor can be very weak after child birth.  Make sure your Flower is healthy and happy and not wilted or worn.  Of the many benefits, you may find that inside of those intimate moments, you’ll develop a stronger relationship with the sensual side of yourself.

Stay Classy Lovelies!!


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:: THIS, amongst a few other styles, has inspired me to let my hair grow out (again) *lol* I&#8217;ll probably cut it in a few weeks thought *sign* D e c i s i o n s *lol* ::

:: THIS, amongst a few other styles, has inspired me to let my hair grow out (again) *lol* I’ll probably cut it in a few weeks thought *sign* D e c i s i o n s *lol* ::

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